You can use StreamWebs without registering an account (view project sites, data, and multimedia content), but you cannot add content to StreamWebs without registering.  Here is a quick-start guide to get you rolling with StreamWebs.

1 - Create an Account

When you first visit StreamWebs, you will see three links (Create new account; Log In; and Request new password).  If you already have an account, simply enter either your username or email address and your password.  If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one using the "Request new password" link.  An email will be sent to you with further instructions.  

If you wish to register a new account to get started using StreamWebs, select "Create new account".

2 - Enter your Date of Birth and User Role

Once you have selected "Create new account", you will be asked to enter your birthdate.  Also select which type of account best describes your role.  Keep in mind that as an Organization (also referred to in StreamWebs as "Local Coordinator"), you can only add project sites to StreamWebs, not data or multimedia content.  As a student or teacher role, you can add content to StreamWebs in addition to project sites.  Some teachers may wish to create an account for their whole class to enter data through, rather than have each student register their own profile.

3 - Fill in Information

Fill in the required information to create your account.  Your email address, along with your school, is how StreamWebs stores content that you submit, so you cannot register a StreamWebs account without entering both an email address and selecting a school.

4 - Selecting Your School

You cannot add content to StreamWebs without selecting a school.  To do so on the account registration page, simply begin typing the name of your school.  The field should automatically show all of the schools with similar names to the first letters of your school name.  If your school uses an abbreviation (e.g. REALMS or LEP Academy), spell out the full name of the school rather than the abbreviation (e.g. REALMS= Rimrock Expeditionary Alternative Learning Middle School).  

If you go to a private school, or your school does not show up in the drop-down menu, email

5 - Open Your Email

Once you have filled out the requested information for registration, you will be sent an email to authenticate your account and finalize the registration process.  This email will contain a link that will send you back to StreamWebs to authenticate your account.  PLEASE NOTE: This is a one-time login, and you will need to change your password immediately to something you can remember, as StreamWebs will have assigned you a randomly generated password.  

6 - Changing Your Password

Now that you have clicked the link in your email and returned to StreamWebs, you will want to change your password under the "Edit" link located under the words "My Account".  Using the "Account" and "Profile" sub-links under this "Edit" link, you can change or edit your profile description, add or change your profile photo, or hide your profile from users with whom you are not "Friends".

7 - Changing Your Profile Photo

Changing your profile photo is easy, and allows you to uniquely customize your profile page.  Select "Choose File" from the Picture section and browse your hard drive for the perfect profile photo.

8 - Search Projects

Now that you have registered and customized your profile, you can begin adding your data or multimedia content to StreamWebs.  But first, you will need to select or add your project site that you are working at.  First, select "Search Projects" from the navigation menu at the top of the page to see if someone from your school or group has already added your project site.  There may be others working at the same site, and you can add your data to theirs for a more comprehensive assessment of that project site.

If you have visited StreamWebs in order to find a project location to work at, you can do so by reviewing the map for "Available Projects", which are those posted by organizations, utilities, or agencies for which student involvement in monitoring or restoration activity is desired.

9 - Add Project

If no one has created a project site in StreamWebs for your location, you can add it by selecting "Add Project" from the navigation menu at the top of the page.  Give your project a name that distinguishes it from other project sites on or near the same stream.  You can also give your project site a description that characterizes that particular stream or your work there.  Either enter the GPS coordinates for your project site (use decimal coordinates for Latitude and Longitude) or find it on the map and click on the location of your site.  Also select what type of project site it is under "StreamWebs Site Type".  If none of the options describe your project site or group, select "Student Stewardship Project".  You can also add a photo for your project site profile page if you have one.

10 - Add Your Watershed Content!

Lastly, you can now add your data or multimedia content to StreamWebs.  Select from the "New Data" menu for any watershed data that you have collected (e.g. water quality; macroinvertebrates).  If you don't find your data category here, you can upload an Excel spreadsheet or Word document using the "File" link under "New Gallery".  This menu will also allow you to upload videos, PDF documents, or photographs.